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week 12: the things i've read...

so we've finally reached the end of semester! well done everybody on surviving! anyway i thought i would just briefly go through all my favourite readings of this semester's text, Schwiebert's "Reading and writing from Literature"...

Doris Lessing, A Woman on a Roof
I really enjoyed reading this text, especially as it dealt so well with stereotypes. the woman obviously does not like the attention given to her by the three men whilst she is sunbathing on the roof. she probably is disdainful of all men that objectify her, which is the reason she chooses to sunbake on a roof not on a beach or in the public view.

William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18
i LOVE this poem! i think it is very sweet and sincere, and captures the feeling of love by comparing it to nature and natural beauty.

 Francine Du Plessix Gray, On Friendship
really liked most of the points raised by this text, particularly about how love is the predominant emotion that is commercialised and used to sell things. the importance that friendship has also was portrayed well. humour such as "Mick Jagger is into Fidelity" (p.290) worked well for the author.

Joseph Joubert, The Notebooks of Joseph Joubert
we are in the world as words are in the book. each generation is like a line, a phrase.
i believe this quote shows us how insignificant we are, but if a book were without one line, the following lines would not make sense, therefore each generation is needed to give meaning to the generations after.
what good is modesty?-it makes us seem more beautiful when we are beautiful, and less ugly when we are ugly.
possibly my favourite line...
And, in fact, when we speak, we write what we are saying in the air.
the air is like paper for the two speakers, as anyone can hear them and turn those words into anything.
my dreams are more amorous than my actions have ever been.
it is easier to think of doing something than actually do it. 

Emily Dickinson, Because I Could Not Stop for Death
not sure why i like this one actually! i think because of the way that death is almost human-like, and seems to be civil and patient. the poem also seems to be sort of slow-paced and relaxed.

Maya Angelou, Seven Women's Blessed Assurance
i really like this poem because it is so positive! all the women find a reason for a man to love them, even though they outline what could be interpreted by themselves as flaws or negative aspects.

Jules Renard, The Journal of Jules Renard
When he drinks with a couple, he always pays, so that people may believe he is the lover.
i read what i write as though i were my mortal enemy.
we are always very critical of ourselves!

Excerpts from Emerson's Journals
He had some very interesting quotes and they seem very wise!

Comments for week 12:

i agree, this poem is very beautiful!

the poet uses wonderful imagery to get his point across to the reader.

i especially liked "here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart"

thank you for including this!

hey georgina!

great poem! the picture is very cute!
i liked the concept of the poem, the rhetorical questions and the descriptive language used throughout!

your poem questions society as it is as well as being critical of our current world: "I guess democracy preaches this –
But does it teach it?"

overall this was a wonderful poem!


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